"I had the opportunity of having two sessions with Tina these past few weeks and what a difference it has made!  Her pleasant and genuine demeanor made it very easy for me to discuss my struggles with moving forward with my life.  For the past few years I have been the primary caregiver for my terminally ill father which has not been the easiest of jobs.  I often have felt all alone and struggled with trying to plan for my future without feeling the guilt of shifting my thoughts towards myself instead of my father.  With some encouragement from Tina and her sincere sympathy for my situation, she helped me to not feel so guilty and start making strides forward so that I have a good foundation to continue to build upon my future.  She has been a blessing with her insightful suggestions on how to proceed even as I continue to care for my father.  I now believe I will have the courage and strength to achieve some of my personal goals that I had put on hold these past few years.  I'm sure I will need her advice and encouragement in the future, but at least now I don't feel so lost, alone, and helpless to plot my future."

Billy, Smyrna TN


     "Tina is a great Coach!  From the first session, her positive outlook and wisdom has continued to support me on my journey of personal and spiritual growth.  She does an amazing job creating a comfortable open space granting me the confidence and security to tackle even the heaviest of subjects.  I feel like I can talk about anything with her.  Whether I am feeling overwhelmed or just don’t know what to do about an issue, her thoughtful questions and insights always help guide me 'out of the woods'.  I always walk away feeling more confident about tackling the challenges of life and discovering my true path.  These sessions have really helped me in so many ways.  I am very grateful for the guidance and clarity she has brought to my life.  I look forward to many more!"

 Ian, Reading PA


      "I came to Tina frustrated and feeling boxed in.  I had attained a middle management level, but felt stuck there because of my company's ongoing downsizing and lack of upward mobility opportunities.  To make matters worse, my wife and I divorced about two years prior. I would characterize my mood as outwardly can-do but inwardly bitter because I was no where close to attaining the goals and dreams I had set for myself in life.  Although I had gone to marriage counseling and post-marriage counseling, I can't say it ever benefited me.  I have to admit I came to my first session with Tina skeptical that she might be able to help me in my present business situation but really had nothing to lose.  The very first session with Tina was like a bolt of lightning had struck me.  Tina made me feel at ease immediately.  During the first session, she brought me to the realization that for my own mental health and in order for me to attain my goals for the future, I first needed to completely let go of the past. She walked me through a series of exercises of unburdening myself of all the ugliness/resentments/could have's and should have's at work and in my marriage that unconsciously had kept an emotional millstone around my neck weighing me down. After the session, I felt the best I had in a long time, noticed I had lots more energy, and felt hopeful for the first time in years.  In the second session, Tina concentrated on what was going on in my deepest core self.  I realized that my job was unfulfilling but I unconsciously felt chained to it because (1) I was taught never to be a quitter and (2) to be fearful that a different job might be even worse.  I was programmed with so many negatives and inhibitions that I felt frozen and paralyzed, had rationalized that all jobs probably suck so why even try to change.  Basically I was carrying around a lot of inner unhappiness, yet trying to remain in denial about it because I saw no possible solution to the situation I was in.  Tina showed me that I had a wealth of training and experience that could easily be applied to other related fields.  To make a long story short, my boss ended up getting wind that I was planning on looking for other jobs.  My boss called me into his office, told me I was doing a good job, gave me an unexpected raise and said he 'had plans' for me.  Now I don't know what to think about leaving or staying, but at least I realize I have options, I AM marketable, and feel that things will work out for me in the future no matter what."

 Mark, Nashville TN


       "I met Tina in a park and on a picnic blanket in a beautiful little garden by a stone bridge. Our session unfolded in the stunning springtime sunshine. Tina opened with 'How would you like to begin your coaching session today?' With her gentle guidance, I drew up a map specifically for the area I wanted to focus on and we talked through each area. Tina really encouraged me to follow my innate wisdom and just wait and see what comes. I love that - as that is where my personal power, universal intelligence and connection to intuition, creativity and abundance manifest. I really appreciated her time and her insightful.

Jessica, Nashville TN


     "Tina and I discussed some of my future goals and I felt comfortable talking with her. I already had a plan of what I need to do to accomplish these goals but it was nice to get some reassurance from her that my plan is reasonable."

Lindsay, Murfreesboro TN


     "My sessions with Tina were wonderful, beyond what I had expected!  Tina has given me excellent guidance in sorting through the chaos of my life.  She is a great listener and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her.  Her questions were so very helpful, gently guiding me deeper into the process.  I realized that the way I was talking about some things were keeping me stuck in that energy.  Just shifting my words shifted my focus.  Before I knew it, I was getting to the root of things - talking about things from my childhood.  I was able to shine a light, gain a deeper understanding and bring in some much needed compassion for myself.  I literally felt a weight lift from me. The whole process flowed so well and felt very natural.  After just two sessions, I emerged with a clear idea of what my next steps need to be!  Tina assessed  the situation and delivered feedback in a very clear and matter-of-fact way. I've found that sessions with her have lifted me gracefully through frustrating situations in both my personal life and business.  Since seeing her, I have doubled my clientele and my productivity!"

Jeff, Nashville TN


     "The discussions that arose from these coaching sessions with Tina centered around an unexpected early retirement due to physical issues and what that might mean for me going forward...finding fulfillment when what was once a large part of my life is no longer there.  She was thoughtful, insightful and offered tremendous support while guiding me through thought processes to find clarity.  I could tell that she was genuinely engaged with me during these sessions and put me very much at ease speaking with her about this difficult crossroad in my life.  I can honestly say that having these conversations with her...answering important questions and discussing some pertinent aspects of the situation, I feel I have come much closer to resolving many of my concerns and anticipate going forward with a positive outlook toward what could be the best time of my life."

Susan, Adams MA